After years of accumulation, the company has huge resources in the field of display module, with a rich product lines from the top international brands to self-owned brands. We get excellent capabilities of resource integration, being capable of providing first-class quality and affordable products, simplifying the purchasing process and saving the cost for our clients.


Relying on the precise grasp of the industry development trend and professional technical strength, we can tailor the forward-looking intelligent terminal product solution based on clients’ needs, shorten the product development cycle, accelerate the speed of product listing, and enhance the clients’ market competitiveness.


Over the past 10 years, the company has perfected a complete set of advanced inventory and logistics management systems and set up a sound warehousing and logistics network. It has bonded warehouses and freight points in major cities such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai . We concern what you concern,and complete the deployment of goods and logistics and delivery promptly, to achieve the delivery commitment.


The company has a perfect nanny-style technical support system. The core technical team members have more than 10 years of industry experience with deep technical knowledge, and keep good cooperation relations with the upstream suppliers. Meanwhile, the company can provide full-cycle technical advisory services for all kinds of clients, and assist customers in product development, testing, and special parts design services.


The company has a complete online and offline service network, and built a 24-hour rapid response mechanism to meet the customer's general business consulting, inventory and order inquiries, technical support and on-site service needs, maximizing the solution to customer worries.


The Company has maintained good cooperative relationships with many domestic and overseas banks such as Bank of China, HSBC and China Merchants Bank, and has a high credit rating in the relevant banks, possessing strong financial support capability. Through the two operation centers (Hong Kong and Shenzhen), we set up a comprehensive multi-currency trading system that can provide customers with more flexible multi-currency trading options.

About us

Customer supremacy, integrity and pragmatism, responsibility, mission must reach.

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    display module R&D


Mutual support, Co–development.

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